• Frequently Asked Questions - Notation
    The frequently asked questions page is designed to help reduce confusion within a large array of questions that are forwarded to the Environmental Health & Safety Department on a daily basis. Many of these questions often have the same answer and can be quickly resolved. If you have a question that is not answered, we urge you to contact us. This FAQ page is updated regularly, but circumstances can occur where solutions and problems change from what is listed on our website.  
    question mark with man in middle How do I request support services from The Office of Envrionmental Health & Safety and Central Custodial Services?
    Support services shall be requested using the Facilities Maintenance Work Control System. The Team Works access module is located in the Facilities Maintenance website.  
    Does Environmental Health & Safety support Automated External Defibrillators (AED's?)
    EH&S does not directly support the maintenance and upkeep of AED's. Facility Administrators are required to replace the electrodes on the machines every two years, and are advised to contact the Office of District and School Security to obtain these. For futher information on AED's and the board policy on them please visit here
    Can Environmental Health & Safety help spray for mosquitoes?  
    Environmental Health & Safety does not spray for mosquitoes within our department; however it is our responsibility to receive all queries pertaining to this problem. Please contact us and we will have arrangements made for a mosquito inspection and/or spraying.

    Can the Environmental Health & Safety department change my air conditioning scheduled run times?  
    While Environmental Health & Safety does over-see indoor air quality issues (IAQ) we do not manage air conditioning run times and schedules. The energy management group of Facilities Maintenance does this.
    Can the Environmental Health & Safety department change the air temperature in my room? 
    Environmental Health & Safety does not manage this department, if you have a problem with the temperature in a room please contact the Energy Management group at Facilities Maintenance
    Can I bring household cleaning materials to school?  
    No, you cannot bring household cleaning materials to school; this is because all of our cleaning materials have been listed on the district MSDS sheet alongside their safety precautions. Without this listing a cleaning material is deemed unlisted and is not approved.
    Does the Environmental Health & Safety department provide waste disposal forms?  
    Yes, we do provide these forms. They are available for download on our website in the forms section.
    Does the Environmental Health & Safety department perform custodial assessments?
    Yes, the Custodial Services department in EH&S performs these assessments at random during the spring and fall of every-year (semi-annually).
    Where do I send my Clean Campus Reports to in the Environmental Health & Safety Department?
    Please send all Clean Campus  Reports to Pete Tridnivka; the supervisor of Custodial Services here at  Environmental Health & Safety. 

    Does Environmental Health & Safety provide inspection tags for fire extinguishers?  
    Yes, if you do not re-use your inspection tags; please contact EHS office ext. 13012 for new tags.

    Does Environmental Health & Safety provide monthly inspection stickers for emergency and exit lights?  
    Yes, please contact EHS office, ext. 13012  to receive new tags promptly.

    Can Environmental Health & Safety help support custodial equipment repair? 
    Yes, Environmental Health & Safety can help support custodial equipment repair for indoor equipment; however if the custodial equipment is for outdoors ex: Liter Vacuums, Pressure Washers, & other exterior equipment - - please contact Grounds Services at Facilities Maintenance for assistance. If your equipment is used inside, or grounds does not support its repair; please contact your area training custodian

    Does Environmental Health & Safety check our custodial log books?  
    Yes, the custodial services sanction of EH&S can check your log books at anytime, but mainly during your custodial assessment.