Asbestos Management Information

  • Brevard Public Schools (BPS) utilizes a combination of in-house staff and contracted support from environmental testing firms to asbestos abatement contractors as necessary to comply with specific Federal and State Asbestos regulations.

    During the late 1980's and 1990's, BPS performed comprehensive school and ancillary building surveys to determine what building materials contain asbestos, and understand where they are located.  The surveys were used to develop Asbestos Management Plan Documents.  These Management Plan documents are used for period inspections of the materials as necessary to insure the materials remain in good condition and not be subject to damage.  During1980 and 1990 all known friable (friable: that which can be crushed with average hand pressure) asbestos containing building materials with a potential for damage, were removed from all BPS buildings.

    The Asbestos Management Plan Documents, along with their subsequent 3-Year Update Reports, Asbestos Abatement (removal/encapsulation) Reports are used to communicate potential work place hazards to those (i.e. Maintenance Workers, Utility Workers, Renovation Contractors, etc.) who plan to work in school buildings known to contain asbestos.  BPS Comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Plan has operational procedures describing how the organization shall work around and with existing asbestos-containing building materials. In addition, BPS has Facilities Design and Construction Standards, requiring contracted construction and renovation services to take measures necessary to avoid uncontrolled impact to existing asbestos building materials, as well as prohibiting the use of new building materials which may contain asbestos.

    School/site specific Asbestos Management Plan Documents are maintained at each school/site, as well as in an Environmental Library located in the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.