Director Environmental Health & Safety Engineer

  •  Jim Powers  -

    Mr. Powers has been employed in his current position since 1997 and has eight additional/prior year’s work experience with a Florida-based private environmental consulting and testing firm. Mr. Powers has a B.S. degree in Criminology from Florida State University. He holds a Fire Safety Inspector I Certification, is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, and certification for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. He is responsible for the district’s asbestos programs as the Local Education Agency designee and holds Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor, Asbestos Inspector, and Asbestos Management Planner certifications. He has additional programmatic responsibility for fire detection and suppression systems, hazardous materials management, petroleum storage tanks and contamination assessments, lead and radon testing and abatement, pollution prevention and recycling. As a leader of the EH&S and Central Custodial Services Team, Mr. Powers is responsible for daily operations, staff supervision, and project management. His organizational strengths include employee motivation and time management.

Supervisor Environmental Safety

  •  Steven Griffin  -

    Fire Safety Inspector II, Asbestos Professional, Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pest, Certified Playground Safety Inspector(CPSI).

    Started working for Brevard County Schools Plant Operations Department in July 2015.  Prior to this, Mr. Griffin was employed by Eastern Florida State College and was a member of its Safety committee for 7 years. Mr. Griffin earned his A.A. degree from Eastern Florida State College and a Bachelor’s in Arts Degree in 2014 from the University of Central Florida.


Lead Environmental Specialist

  •  Keith Taylor  -

    Fire Safety Inspector I, Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pest.

      Started working for Brevard County Schools March 2012 in Roofing. Transferred to EH&S in March 2018. Florida and Maryland certified Firefighter. Roofing Consultant Institute certified Roofing Observer. Brevard County Fire and Rescue Volunteer at Mims Volunteer Fire Department since 2008, held ranks of Capitan, Chief and currently Deputy Chief. Former volunteer firefighter in Montgomery County Maryland at Damascus Volunteer Fire Department starting in 1988 and gained rank to Captain before moving to Florida in 2000

Environmental Specialist

  •  Daniel Curiale  -

    Fire Safety Inspector I, Asbestos Professional, Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pest.

    Began his career with Brevard County Schools as a part time custodian at Harbor City Elementary in 2013 after moving to Melbourne, Florida from his home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While at Harbor city he quickly learned how important of a role custodians play in the health and safety of the children and faculty of Brevard County Schools. By 2014 He was promoted to head custodian at Meadowlane Primary. While at Meadowlane he worked side by side with his staff maintaining the facility to custodial standards and led his team in creating a clean, safe and positive environment for all who attended. It was while working at Meadowlane he received the award of Employee of the Year. From there he was promoted to Plant Operations Central Custodial Services in 2015 as a Custodial Trainer. Having childrens safety on his mind, He is now promoted to Environmental Specialist he is responsible for inspecting and keeping safe the schools he has helped keep clean.


Environmental Specialist

  •  Chris Graham  -

    Fire Safety Inspector I,  Asbestos Professional, Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pest.

    Christopher Graham has joined the team of Environmental Health & Safety, he is a Marine Corps. Veteran, with more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing, industrial and transportation fields.  Chris was previously nationally certified EMT B, he has also held certifications for MSHA, MARSEC and other safety related areas, giving him the experience to assist Brevard Public Schools.

Environmental Specialist - Head Start

  • Robert Salgado -



Environmental Specialist

  • Betty Cuccia-

    OSHA Outreach Trainer, Waste Water Certified, Asbestos Professional, Limited Lawn and Ornamental Pest.

    Asbestos Training, Inspector, Management Planner, Project Design Supervisor and Authorized OSHA Construction outreach trainer


Environmental Specialist

  • Josh Decker -

Environmental Services/Facilities Clerk

  • Kara Gill