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    First time users : You will need to register with the system first by calling 321-806-1828. Phone registration is required before you access the web. 

    • Enter your access ID, followed by the star (*) key. Your access ID is: 100XXXXX 
    • When the system asks for your PIN, enter your access ID again, followed by the star (*) key
    • You will be asked to record your name. Record your name and when you have the finished recording, press the (*) key
    • Create your new PIN. Enter the PIN you want to use followed by the (*) key. The PIN must be numeric, must meet the minimum length requirements for your system and cannot be more than 9 digits. 


    What you need to do when you access the web system for the first time: 

    1. Open your internet browser and access the SmartFind Express site https://brevardcounty.eschoolsolutions.com/logOnAction.do. The system welcome message and any district-wide announcements are displayed
    2. Enter your Access ID and your PIN you created over the phone
    3. The system will prompt you to create a password: At least 8 total characters (1 alphabet character, 1 number or special character) 
    4. Upon successful login, your home page is displayed


    If you are downloading the SmartFind Express app for your mobile phone, please use code HFLM for the school district code. 


    Substitutes for BPS are on an on-call basis with no guaranteed days or hours. Substituting is not considered 'regular' employment and is not meant to replace 'regular' employment. There are no benefits associated with substituting. 

    Contact information: BPS Substitute Office 321-633-1000 x11205 or email dale.kristin@brevardschools.org


    Attention substitutes : The district has approved a differential of $20 for full day and $10 for half day for the following schools: 

    • Astronaut High School
    • Atlantis Elementary School
    • Cocoa High School
    • Creel Elementary School
    • Endeavour Elementary School
    • Golfview Elementary Magnet School
    • Imperial Estates Elementary School
    • Johnson Middle School
    • Jupiter Elementary School
    • Madison Middle School
    • Mila Elementary School
    • Mims Elementary School
    • Oak Park Elementary School
    • Palm Bay Elementary School
    • Palm Bay Magnet Senior High School
    • Sabal Elementary School
    • Saturn Elementary School
    • Southwest Middle School
    • Stone Middle Magnet School
    • Turner Elementary School
    • University Park Elementary School

General Substitute Information

    1. A BPS substitute teacher’s job is to instruct our students in the absence of their regular teachers.  Substitutes must follow the lesson plans of the regular teachers and strive to maintain normal classroom and discipline procedures.
    2. As a substitute, you may not bring personal items into the classroom such as personal laptop computers, blue tooth devices, cell phones (please turn them off) or ANY other electronic devices for your personal use.
    3. Substitutes will be excluded and/or terminated as a substitute for the use of any personal items (Including but not limited to:  personal laptop computers, blue tooth devices, cell phones (of any kind), tablets (of any kind), books, magazines, handheld games, radios (of any kind), headphones, handheld tv's, etc.) during classroom time.
    4. As a substitute, you may not use any school district computer unless it is to be used as part of the lesson plan that you are required to follow.
    5. Please remember:
      • That each day that the substitute teacher is in the classroom is still a day of education for our students.
      • You must follow all lesson plans and instructions that have been left by the classroom teacher.
      • You may never bypass the classroom teachers instructions.
    6. Teacher Substitutes are expected to stay and work as assigned by the principal or the principal’s designee in order to be paid for the full absence whether it is 4 hours or the full day of 7.5 hours.
    7. Substitutes will be paid for only the hours they actually worked if they choose to leave earlier than the designated absence end time. The substitute hourly rate has not changed.
    8. The principal or the principal's designee can assign the substitute to other appropriate duties. The principal or the principal's designee shall determine whether substitutes will be responsible for the extra-curricular duties assigned to the regular teacher.
    9. Any experience gained as a substitute teacher will not count towards experience for pay purposes if hired as a full-time regular employee.
    10. Absences for Substitute Teachers ONLY shall be scheduled for ½ day (4 hours) or for a full day (7.5 hours with 30 minutes of lunch outside of the paid time) and shall be paid accordingly for their service.
    11. If the 4 hour absence is scheduled in such a way that also includes a 30 minute lunch period and the substitute elects to take lunch, the substitute will not be paid for the full 4 hours.
    12. If the 4 hour absence includes a lunch period and the substitute wishes to be paid for the entire 4 hour absence, the substitute must report to the main office for an extra duty assignment to cover the ½ hour lunch time.
    13. The extra duty assignment may be given at the beginning of the 4 hour absence.  If extra duty was not assigned at the beginning of the absence, the substitute must report to the main office for an extra duty assignment in order to be paid for the entire 4 hour absence.
    14. If the substitute does not report for a duty assignment, it will be assumed that the substitute took lunch and the 30 minutes will be deducted accordingly.

     Still have questions?  Click here to visit the Substitute FAQs page.