• Grant Procedural Steps:
    Follow these steps when writing a grant:

    Step 1:
    Discuss the grant opportunity with your principal or supervisor.  Make sure you get approval from your principal or supervisor.  Make sure your grant proposal supports your school improvement plan and/or district strategic goals and complies with Education Technology standards for technology if applicable.

    Step 2:
    Review "Grant Procedures" located on the district website under the School Board Section for Administrative Procedure 6111.  Determine which one of the four grant types you are developing and follow the appropriate board administrative approval procedures. 

    Step 3:
    If your grant proposal exceeds $50,000, requires the signature of the superintendent, is a Federal or State government grant, budgets for full-time or employee compensation, requires completion of a contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), obligates district or implementation support or sustainability beyond funding cycle, requires matching funds, or you are seeking grant assistance complete and submit a Request to Develop a Proposal Form as you must obtain Board approval in accordance with Administrative Procedures 6111 to write and submit the grant application.

    Words of Caution:

    • Partnerships between schools and outside organizations often require a letter of agreement/support or a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU).  All letters and/or MOU's should be carefully reviewed by a site based administrator, district level supervisors, and/or staff legal counsel.  It is vital to ensure the partnership supports the intent of the grant as well as the mission of the school district and does not provide a method of for the partner organization to market their goals, goods, or services.  
    • Matching and/or in-kind requirements that obligate the school or school district to providing financial support of any kind must be reviewed carefully.  Source of the match or in-kind funding must be identified in the budget and the funder will expect verification of matching/in-kind funds in the required grant reporting.  
    • Technology hardware and software purchases through grant funding must be reviewed by Educational Technology and/or Leading and Learning prior to submission to ensure compatibility and compliance with district technology/curriculum standards.
    • Organizations offering grants requiring the exclusive purchase or their goods or services are basically product discounts.   Read these type of applications very carefully as you will more than likely be obligated to purchase the product or services not covered by the discount.  If the offer sounds to good to be true then proceed with caution.
    • All equipment, materials, hardware, software etc. acquired through a grant must adhere to district procurement requirements at the time of purchase.  If in doubt check first with the district purchasing department for guidance.
    • Assets acquired through grant funding become the property of the school/district in accordance with Board administrative procedure 7300 section B.2.  All equipment, materials, hardware, software etc. acquired through a grant is the property of the school/district division receiving the grant not the individual writing the grant.  In the event the individual who wrote the grant is no longer employed with the district the assets remain the property of the school/district and is not to be taken as personal property by the individual.  In the event the individual who wrote the grant is transferred to another school the assets acquired through the grant are not automatically transferable.  If the individual wishes to transfer the assets from one school to another within the district the principal must adhere to Board administrative procedure 7300 section B.4.