• Why Brevard?

    Cocoa Beach Pier

    • Small, family oriented communities in which to work and live.
    • Close to Central Florida activities such as Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Daytona Beach, Kennedy Space Center, cruise terminals and shopping.
    • Tuition assistance towards a master's degree in leadership. Mickie and Minnie and Donald and Goofy
    • Administrative advancement opportunities.
    • Comprehensive health coverage.
    • 3 BPS Well-Care centers available for employees, retirees, spouses, and dependents.
    • Affordable housing.
    • Quality and state-of-the-art professional development.
    • BPS is a partner with Career Source Brevard to help family members find employment.
    • One of the top AARP Best Employers for workers over 50.


    Childcare In Brevard Public Schools

    Elementary Schools:

    We have childcare services in fifty-five (55) elementary schools.

    • Fifty-three (53) are operated by the School Board.
    • Most centers operate from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
    • School Board employees receives 50% reduction on regular weekly and daily tuition fees in those centers operated by the School Board on contracted workdays.


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