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    Minority Recruitment

Minority Recruitment Purpose

  • It is important that our students see themselves in their teachers to help promote their desires to achieve and succeed. Our students come from different homes, different communities and different cultures; therefore, it is critical for students to see and relate to a familiar face in that person, the teacher. A child sees in a teacher so many possibilities, such as: career choice, a positive role model, options, dreams and overcoming obstacles. The Recruitment Team strives to promote diversity among our students by recruiting highly qualified minority teachers. We are waiting for you to join our staff, our team, our community and our family!



    "I feel extremely blessed to be a part of such an awesome team of professionals.  As a minority myself, I am truly humbled by this opportunity to serve Brevard Public Schools as a mentor and role model for our students."
    Ronald L. Shaw, Principal
    Southwest Middle School




     "As a product of Brevard Public Schools, I consider it a privilege to now serve as an educational leader within the same school system where I received my education.  I take great pride in serving our students and ensuring that each student is encouraged to reach their fullest potential."
    Annetha Jones, Principal

    Titusville High School