Pathway 2: Non-Teacher Trained Applicants

  • Welcome to the BPS Substitute Requirements Page for Substitute Applicants
    who are NOT TRAINED Teachers

    Application Process:
    Please read and follow ALL instructions below. The following steps are to be completed in the order they are listed.


    The BPS Substitute Office may take up to 20 business days from the receipt of the complete substitute package for processing

    Upon completion by the BPS Substitute Office of your Substitute Application, you will be emailed your Welcome Letter

    STEP 1 - Online BEACON Application

    Complete & submit your BEACON online application.

    1. List all work and/or volunteer history with names of corresponding supervisors.
      Please do not leave any time gaps in your work/volunteer history.
    2. Request references from ONLY those SUPERVISORS or A VERIFICATION OF TITLE AND DATES OF EMPLOYMENT that you have listed for the three (3) most recent work and/or volunteer experiences in the Work Experience section.
      Your supervisor would be the person who does your evaluation.
    3. Sealed official college transcripts with degree posted if not already on file in Human Resources.

    Link to BEACON

    Even though you may have a completed application that allows you to look and apply for regular employment, you do not necessarily have an application that is considered complete to become a substitute.

    You must contact Human Resources Applicant Intake at 633-1000, ext. 11225 or 11227 to confirm that your application is complete for SUBSTITUTING.

    An application that is not considered complete for substituting, is the number one reason for delays in application processing!

    You may complete Steps 1 & 2 together

    STEP 2 - Substitute candidates who do NOT have a degree in education must complete the Online Training Course and pass test as described below

    Please click here for the BPS Substitute Training Course. 

    Upon completing STEPS 1 and 2, please continue to STEP 3.

    STEP 3 - Interview

    Contact any ONE Brevard Public School to make an appointment with an administrator for a substitute interview.  The interview form will be sent directly from the school to the BPS Substitute Office.

    The administrator will inform you if you have been recommended for hire as a substitute with Brevard Public Schools. 

    Upon completion of your interview, and confirmation that you are recommended for hire, you may proceed to STEP 4

    STEP 4 - FORMS

    All of the following forms & documents must be completed and turned in as a COMPLETE package to Human Resources

    The following forms are created in Adobe Acrobat.   Please be sure you have the most recent version of Adobe installed.  Please open the form, fill, and print.

    (you may print all required forms at once by clicking here)

    1. Application for a District-Issued Substitute Certificate with a local check or money order for $25.00 payable to Brevard Public Schools
    2. Bring an ORIGINAL, signed Social Security Card - NO EXCEPTIONS
    3. Bring a valid Florida Driver's License or a valid Out of State driver's license WITH a current Military ID.
    4. Ethnicity Form
    5. List of Acceptable Documents
    6. W-4 (external link to IRS)
    7. Direct Deposit Form - please bring a VOIDED blank check from a local bank
    8. School Profile & Home School Form - tell us what schools you will substitute for.  Map of School Locations
    9. SmartFindExpress User Agreement Form
    10. Internet Acceptable Use Agreement Form
    11. Retirement Form
    12. Loyalty Oath - Notaries are available to notarize this form at no cost.
    13. Letter of Reasonable Assurance for BPS Substitutes

    Please bring all completed forms with you to the Viera Office. You will bring these to Human Resources after your fingerprints in STEP 5.

    STEP 5 - Fingerprinting

    All new applicants must be fingerprinted at the Office of District and School Security.  Please bring credit card to pay the amount of $41.00 for processing.

    Please note the days and time for fingerprinting is Monday through Friday only 8 am to 4:30 pm.

    Upon completion of your fingerprints, bring your forms from STEP #4 into the Human Resources Department for STEP 6

    STEP 6 - Drug Screening

    Turn in all your completed forms from Step 4 to the Human Resources department.

    The fee for drug screening may be paid with a local check or money order for $36.00 made payable to Brevard Public Schools. The Human Resources office has all required forms.

    Upon receipt of your medical forms, you will have 24 hours to report to the medical facility of your choice to be drug screened.

    • If any additional information is required regarding your drug screening, such as proof that you have  prescription for certain medications that may be found in your test, you will be contact by the Medical Review Officer by phone.


    Human Resources is open weekdays 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday

    The BPS Substitute Office may take up to 20 business days from the receipt of the complete substitute package for processing

    Upon completion by the BPS Substitute Office of your Substitute Application, you will be emailed your Welcome Letter