Secondary Content Specialists & Instructional Coaches

  • Jameka Mallory 

    Jameka Mallory

    Literacy Facilitator (7-12)
    633-1000 X11364

    Click here for Secondary Reading and Literacy 

    • Supports & empowers Intensive Language Arts teachers, literacy coaches, and secondary school administrators
    • Supports school-based intervention plans
    • Provides literacy training for literacy coaches, reading, and content area teachers
    • Facilitates implementation of Brevard’s K-12 Reading Plan
    • FAIR-FS assessment & Reading Plus contact
    • Serves on the board of directors

    Heather Eising 

    Heather Eising

    Math (7-12)
    633-1000 X11327

    Click here for Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Site

    • Supports and empowers secondary mathematics teachers
    • Coordinates mathematics curriculum development
    • Provides instructional support to grades 7-12 mathematics teachers
    • Provides mathematics training for content area teachers
    • Promotes & models student engagement strategies for mathematics classrooms
    • Coordinates middle school and high school mathematics tournaments


    Kimberly Perry-Sanderlin

    Kimberly Perry-Sanderlin

    College/Career Readiness (7-12)
    633-1000 X11324 

    Click here for Career Research & Decision Making

    • Supports & empowers career research teachers
    • Provides problem-solving assistance for secondary counselors and administrators (e.g. EOCs, PSAT and ACT testing, AP Potential, IPS materials/meetings, graduation requirements waiver)
    • Revises Student Progression Plan and Middle and High School Instructional Programs Handbooks
    • Provides support to schools in the development of school level Instructional/Registration Handbooks
    • Provides support to High School College and Career Specialists
    • Graduation accountability

    Jeffrey Higginbotham


    Science (7-12)

    633-1000 X11314 

    Click here for Science 7 - 12th Grade 

    • Supports and empowers Secondary Science teachers, Instructional Coaches, and Administrators
    • Supports and empowers Secondary Experimental Science Teachers and Fair Directors
    • Coordinates Brevard Regional Science and Engineering Fairs
    • Coordinates Brevard participation in State and International Science and Engineering Fairs
    • Facilitates Science safety
    • Promotes & models inquiry, productive struggle, and complex tasks
    • Coordinates science curriculum development
    • Coordinates science training for content area teachers
    • Promotes & models student engagement strategies for secondary science classrooms

    Jennifer Jolley

     Jennifer Jolly Picture

    Social Studies (7-12)
    633-1000 X11318 

    Click here for Social Studies 

    • Supports & empowers social studies teachers and secondary administrators
    • Coordinates social studies curriculum development
    • Assists with instructional planning 
    • Provides social studies training for content area teachers
    • Promotes & models student engagement strategies for social studies classrooms
    • Coordinates Model Student Senate 

    Nancy Gray

    Nancy Gray

    English Language Arts (7-12)
    633-1000 X11313

    Click here for ELA 

    • Supports & empowers high school ELA teachers and administrators
    • Project CRISS Trainer/Coordinator
    • Brevard Speech/Debate Tournament Coordinator
    • Literacy Design Collaborative Contact
    • Writing Specialist

    Nancy Howser

    Nancy Howser

    Academic DE/AP/IB/AICE & Gifted (7-12)
    633-1000 X11322

    Click here for Gifted overview

    Gifted and Accelerated

    Click here for Academic DE

    • Academic Dual Enrollment
    • Supports & empowers AP/IB/AICE teachers and administrators
    • Supports teachers, parents, and administrators of gifted students
    • Analyzes Accelerated Programs data and prepares reports
    • “Mindset” trainer
    • Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma contact
    • Organizes and facilitates training for Accelerated Programs

    Annamarie Zink

    Annamarie Zink

    Visual Arts & Theatre (K-12)
    633-1000 X11361  

    Click here for Visual Arts

    Click here for Theatre

    • Supports all K-12 visual arts and theatre teachers and administrators
    • Facilitate the coordination of district-wide art events
    • Facilitate professional development

    Diamelia Christie

    Curriculum & Instruction

    Instructional Coach (7-12)
    633-1000 X11368

    • Supports and empowers secondary ELA and social studies teachers and administrators
    • Provides instructional support to 7-12 ELA and social studies teachers
    • Assists with instructional planning, educational technology resource training, and model teaching
    • National Writing Project certified Writing Specialist
    • Provides Writing Across the Curriculum training
    • Assists with ELA and social studies curriculum writing

    Jennifer Zifer

    Jennifer Zifer

    AVID (7-12)
    633-1000 X11320 

    Click here for AVID

    • AVID District Director

    Minnie Orr

    Minnie Orr

    Music (K-12)
    633-1000 X11338 

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    • Supports and empowers K-12 music teachers and administrators
    • Organizes and leads music curriculum writing
    • Recruits and screens music teacher applicants; supports administrators in hiring music teachers
    • Organizes and leads string consultants and band instructional coach
    • Organizes and leads Music Leadership Team
    • Organizes and leads Music Advisory Board
    • Organizes and leads All-County Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Jazz Band events
    • Organizes and leads Elementary Music Festival
    • Organizes and leads Brevard Symphony Fifth Grade Concert
    • Organizes and leads professional development for music teachers
    • Supports schools in the application of Florida Arts Model Schools designation
    • Supports FBA, FEMEA, FOA, and FVA events including All-State and MPAs

    Danielle O'Reilly

      Danielle O'Reilly

    K-12 PE/Health, Drivers Ed & JROTC
    633-1000 X11387 

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    Click here for JROTC

    Click here for Physical Education  

    • Supports and empowers K-12 health and physical education teachers and administrators
    • Supports and empowers high school drivers' education and JROTC instructors
    • Develops and facilitates model health and physical education lessons
    • Curriculum development for K-12 health and physical education
    • Fitnessgram Coordinator
    • Healthy Body Systems (K-6) and Sexual Health Education (7-12) Contact
    • Supports and promotes grant writing, implementation, and management for health and physical education
    • Excellence in Physical Education Award Contact

    Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart

    World Languages Resource Teacher

    633-1000 X11334

    Click here for World Languages