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    Music Pre-K through 6



    Mission and Goal


    The goal of the Brevard Public Schools’ music program is to provide a cohesive, developmental approach that emphasizes learning about music, performing music through various activities and mediums, and developing an appreciation for all aspects of music and music making.  It is our hope that this approach will create a lifelong appreciation for the Arts.




    In addition to the above, a growing body of research indicates that education in the arts provides significant cognitive benefits and bolsters academic achievement, beginning at an early age and continuing through school.


    General Program Description


    The Brevard Public Schools Elementary Music classes serve grades Pre-K through 6th with emphasis on General Music.  Classes are offered at various schools in Keyboard Lab, Orff Ensembles, Guitar, African Drumming/ Dancing, and Chorus.  We are proud to say that all of Brevard's 5th and 6th grade students have access to string instructions.



    Brevard Public Schools Elementary Music programs use the Quaver's General Music Curriculum series as the adopted text and the Brevard County Elementary Music Guide as the basis for its curriculum.


    Special Performance Opportunities

    The Brevard Public Schools Elementary Music program has many performance opportunities within the 55 elementary schools.  The major performance is the Brevard County Elementary Music Festival which takes place in late February and is split between the regions of the county.

    Staff Development Support

    The Brevard Public Schools Elementary Music program frequently offers staff development opportunities.  Workshops are given at different times throughout the year with teachers being notified well in advance of the event.

    Professional Association Activities

    The Florida Music Education Association (FMEA), as well as the Florida Elementary Music Education Association (FEMEA), are the two main components for which all Brevard elementary music teachers should be involved.  These professional associations provide the teachers with an abundance of information that is useable in the everyday classroom setting.