Student-Parent Program

  • Goals

    The Goal of the Student-Parent Program is to provide an educational program wherein pregnant and parenting students may continue in school and work toward earning a high school diploma or its equivalent.

    Special Points of Interest

    • Parents can finish school.
    • Parents can have their child on campus with them.
    • Children will be in an enriched environment.
    • Middle school students may participate in the teen parent program; arrangements for participation will be coordinated between the teen parent site and the middle school.


    Please click the link below for Flyer regarding Student Parent Program: 

    Flyer Student Parent Program


    How to Enroll
    Parents' Permission Required

    • You must have a doctor's statement confirming pregnancy and/or a birth certificate for your child.
    • See your counselor.
    • A withdrawal form from your home school is required.

    Going to School
    With Your Child

    • The parent program is operated by the Brevard Public Schools System.
    • Bus transportation is provided for students and their babies.
    • A licensed day care center on the campus is free to the student parent.

    The Child Care Center     Locations
    School                              Phone #

    Cocoa High School       632-5300
    Palm Bay High School  952-5900