• Destination Mars -

    Destination Mars is a BPS competition based after school club where students work to complete challenges to simulate living and working on Mars. The team must research Mars and choose a landing that will provide protection from radiation, hazardous weather, and sun exposure. The missions consist of building and programing a Lego Spike rover to complete 4 different objectives on a map of Mars, Building a solar racer vehicle to transport simulated oxygen and water tanks, designing a research station in Minecraft with resources that can sustain human life, and building an actual research pod that addresses two or more challenges humans might face living and working on Mars.  

    Chess Club

    Students learn and practice the game of Chess.

    Student Government Association (SOAR Council)

    5th and 6th grade leaders will work to address school-wide issues with a diplomatic, solution-based approach and provide representation for Oak Park’s student body.


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