Annual Orientation Materials

  • Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! Temporarily we are asking our schools to use this site to provide the necessary orientation materials for our school site employees.

    Everyone, including support staff, should complete the Orientation within the first month of school or within a week from the date of hire. Please note, if there are members of your team that do not have access to a computer, keep a copy of the class roster for the group orientation sessions at your location.  Instructional employees should watch/read ALL of the orientation materials.  Support Staff will watch/read all of the titles with an asterisk. Please remember once ProGOE is finally open staff will need to go into the orientation section of their evaluation and mark all of the videos complete and complete the final acknowledgement.

    Please note:  ALL teacher CMA Teams need to be identified and set up in ProGOE by the end of September. Setting up your CMA teams in ProGOE at the beginning of the school year will make it much easier to enter the scores by the March due date! More importantly, this exercise adds 4 points to your overall score!