School Bus

  • Parents should contact their school for the following concerns:

    • Need to request transportation
    • Need replacement bus badge for student
    • Specialized transportation requests such as fee-based, 504 medical, dual stops for 50/50 custody families, or homeless and/or foster student
    • Assess walk boundaries
    • Bus stop safety issues
    • Other

      The school will then either be able to assist you or will forward the request to transportation in a way that helps us address your concerns in the most efficient way possible. We are unable to take transportation requests over the phone because we cannot verify the caller is the legal parent or guardian of the child, and we must follow all state, federal,and/or school board laws and policies that are in place to protect student information and safety.

    If you have a concern about the bus driver, please call their supervisor:

    • Central- C# bus; 321-633-3680
    • Mid South- M# bus: 321-242-6497
    • North- N# bus: 321-269-2055
    • South- S# bus: 321-727-2070


    Parents click here to view ReaXium information: ReaXium App

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Middle school students standing next to bus wearing masks.
Girl entering bus wearing masks.


    If you are the parent of an ESE child that is not riding the bus today, or will be out of school for a week or more please call dispatch at 321-617-7776, option 5, so that we may notify the driver.