• Charter Schools

  • Charter Schools

    Charter schools are public schools operated and governed by organizations independent from the Florida public school district in which they are located. Charter schools are public tuition-free schools open to all children without special entrance requirements. Charter schools are independent of the public school district, therefore they hire their own state-certified teachers, design their own academic program, control their own finances, and have their own board of directors who govern and make decisions for the charter school.


    In Florida, charter schools are accountable to the public school district in which they are located for student academic performance and fiscal management, but they are not managed by the district.  All charter schools must provide a curriculum that meets the Florida Standards, are required to participate in all state-required standardized testing, and receive a school grade in accordance with the Florida School Accountability requirements.


    The following links provide detail on the variety of charter school options available to Brevard families, charter school frequently asked questions, charter tools for existing charter operators, and charter applicant information for organizations wanting to open a charter school in Brevard:

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