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    Travis Payne x 5064, Retirement Representative 

    Michael Payne x 5069, Retirement Representative


    For General Questions and Assistance:

    Gena Flores x 5075, Florida Coordinator

    Rhonda Horner x 5067, Florida Assistant

    BENCOR Main Service Center Phone 1-866-296-9712 Fax 1-888-500-7111


    Brevard Public Schools provides the BENCOR Special Pay Plan (SPP) as an important retirement benefit for all eligible employees.  BENCOR is a mandatory qualified retirement plan. BENCOR, is for an employee who is retiring or entering DROP and has accumulated at least $500 in "Special Pay" (sick leave pay, annual leave).  Contributions to this plan permanently avoids Social Security and Medicare taxes for both employees and employers, which equates to an immediate and permanent payroll tax savings of 7.65%.

    Features of the Plan include: 

    • 100% vested in all contributions to the Plan, immediately
    • Income taxes on contributions and the earnings deferred until withdrawal
    • Social Security and Medicare taxes are permanently saved on contributions to the Plan

    Link to: Brevard SPP Welcome Letter

    Link to: SPP Easy Access Flyer