• New Employees

    Welcome to Brevard Public Schools!  The Florida Retirement System (FRS) is the retirement program for our District.  As a new, eligible employee, you must choose one of the two FRS plans.  Both the District and the employee contributes to the plan.  Each plan offers important benefits.  All you need to do is to select the plan that is best for you. 

    You have eight months to make your plan choice.  FRS will mail your Personal Welcome Brochure including your PIN number, approximately three months after your date of hire.  Make your plan choice by following the directions included in your brochure.  Here is a sample of what your brochure will look like (your PIN number will be printed on the top right hand corner, in red). Safeguard your PIN number.  You will be required to use this same PIN number during and after your career with BPS.

    BPS New Hire Letter - Retirement Plan Selection
    Personal Welcome Brochure-Sample


    For information about the FRS plans, click on the links below.


    BPS Retirement Plan Comparison 

    New Hire Employee Orientation Brochure

    New Hire Video

    My FRS Plan Comparison

    FRS Pension Plan Member Handbook 



    Web Sites and Phone Numbers:


    The MyFRS Financial Guidance Line toll free is 1-866-446-9377

    Florida Division of Retirement 

    The Florida Division of Retirement toll free is 1-844-377-1888

    FRS Videos