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    Florida Retirement System (FRS) 
    Phone Toll Free (844) 377-1888

    Mailing Address:
    Division of Retirement

    P. O. Box 9000
    Tallahassee, Florida 32315-9000

    email:  retirement@dms.MyFlorida.com 

    Pension plan payment schedule

    FRS Online is a secure website administered by the Department of Management Services, Division of Retirement. The Division’s Website & FRS Online Tools is your online portal to a wealth of useful tools and information. Here are some of the actions you can complete in the online portal:

    Update your mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

    View your most recent benefit payment information and payment history.

    Print a Pension Income Verification Letter (award letter).

    View current tax withholding and other benefit deductions.

    Make federal income tax withholding changes.

    Print historical IRS Forms 1099-R.

    Set up or change your direct deposit information.


    Are You Receiving Your Health Insurance Subsidy?

    The Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS) benefit is available for certain FRS benefit recipients with eligible health insurance coverage (including Medicare and TRICARE). If you are eligible, the benefit would range from a minimum of $30 to a maximum of $150 per month and is determined by multiplying your total years of creditable service at retirement (up to a maximum of 30 years) by $5. To receive the HIS benefit, you must apply for it. The HIS benefit is not health insurance coverage and, unlike your FRS retirement benefit, it is not a guaranteed payment. Future HIS benefit payments depend on the availability of funds and the legislative appropriation authorizing those funds to be spent. If funds are unavailable to pay full benefits in any month, then benefits will be reduced proportional to funds available. In addition, the amount of the HIS benefit could be changed or eliminated by the Florida Legislature. To verify you are receiving the HIS benefit, you may log in to your FRS Online to view your Statement of Retirement Benefit Payments. If you are receiving the HIS benefit payment, your statement will list HIS under the summary of benefits and deductions. Here is the HIS form:  FRS HIS Form for Pension Plan Members



    FRS Address Change Form 

    BPS Name Address Change Form 11.19.19




    Brevard Retired Educators Association
    (321) 638-2122  Link to: Florida Retired Educators Association 


    Brevard Federation of Teachers 
    (321) 723-6463  Link to: Brevard Federation of Teachers - Retired Chapter 


    Link to: IUPAT Local 1010