• Safety Patrols
    Sponsor: Mr. Jessup
    Who: 6th grade students
    Being a safety patrol instills students with a sense of responsibility, leadership and citizenship. They help with the arrival of students, breakfast, Be Buck store and various areas of the campus.
    Please contact Mr. Jessup for more information at: lewis.jessup@brevardschools.org
  • The Safety Patrol Pledge 

    1. Kindness: I will treat every student, staff member, and parent with kindness.
    2. Safety: I will do my best to keep the students, staff members, and parents safe at our school.
    3. Responsibility: I am responsible for getting my work done in class and as a patrol.
    4. Respect: I will show respect to every student, staff member, and parent.
    5. Honesty: I will always speak and behave in an honest manner.
    6. Integrity: I will do the RIGHT thing, to the best of my knowledge, in every situation.
    7. Excellence: I will strive for personal excellence in everything I do.
    8. Helpful: I will look for ways to be helpful to students, staff members, and parents.
    9. Welcoming: I will always greet students, staff members, and parents in a cheerful manner.
    10. Leadership: I will be an example of good behavior for all the students at our school. I understand that as a patrol, I must have an A, B, or C grade level in all of my classes.
safety patrol belt