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    We are glad you are here!  Our job is to help students be more effective communicators in the classroom.  We address articulation (speech sound production), language (understanding and expression), fluency (speaking in a smooth and clear manner), and vocal quality.  

    Children who have difficulty with speech may have trouble saying their sounds correctly or speaking fluently.  Children who have difficulty with language may struggle with understanding directions in the classroom, answering questions about a story or what is going on around them, or organizing their thoughts to say what they mean.  Any of these can impact a child's ability to communicate effectively in the classroom.  We are here to help!  Jerri-Michelle Osborn and Emily Schultz have too many years of experience between them to count, and stand ready to empower students to self-advocate by being effective communicators!  Our superpower is training brains.  What's your superpower?

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    Mrs. Osborn:

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    Mrs. Schultz:

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