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    ODYSSEY OF THE MIND is an international creative problem-solving program open to students in K-12, as well as those attending college.  It provides opportunities for students to “think outside of the box” while learning teamwork, brainstorming, and respect for individuals.  SPACE COAST ODYSSEY OF THE MIND has had a long history of success in Florida since 1989-1990 school year.  Many public, private, and home schools as well as community groups participate in the program each year.

    Teams of 5-7 students select a problem from one of the five (plus primary) released each year.  They meet weekly to create a unique solution to the problem.  Along the way the team also creates props, a skit, costumes, and other elements needed in their solution while adhering to cost limits as well as an 8 minute time limit. Teams are evaluated in three areas:  the long term solution (the how), style (the wow), and spontaneous (thinking on their feet).