• 2022-2023 TARDY POLICY

    Students are allowed 3 unexcused tardies each 9 weeks prior to corrective actions.

    Corrective Actions per tardy:

    • 4th = Admin Detention (During Lunch)
    • 5th = Admin Detention (During Lunch)
    • 6th = Extended Detention (Friday after school)
    • 7th = Extended Detention (Friday after school)
    • 8th = Extended Detention (Friday after school)
    • 9 or More Tardies = phone conferences, loss of privilege ("No Go" list), parent conferences, and other corrective actions will be used


    *Notifications for tardy referrals are communicated via Text using our Blackboard Connect Application. If you do not receive communication from the school, please contact the front office.  

    *You can view attendance and referral information on Focus.