• Longleaf Phyiscal Education Programs with Coach Stofflet



    Every year 8-13 year olds in grades 3rd-6th sign up to compete in a Melbourne track meet that is held at Eau Gallie High school in April.

    Students participate in a weekly practice to prepare for their track events.


    Morning Mile:

    Our Morning Mile is a morning running program designed to let students begin the day in an active, healthy and fun way.  It is for students grades 1st-6th and it is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:35-7:50.  Students earn a toe token for every 5miles that they complete.


    Countdown to Fitness

    Longleaf Elementary has participated in Countdown to Fitness for the last 4 years.  This free, fun fitness program, sponsored by Running Zone, is for all elementary and middle schools in Brevard County to promote fitness and reduce childhood obesity. It is a 10 week program where the students track their mileage.  They students track their mileage -25.2 miles and then we meet to all run the Final mIle together where participants receive a marathon medal!


    Safety Patrol

    Safety Patrol is a select group of 6th grade students that are chosen because they are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students at Longleaf and who also possess and demonstrate positive leadership skills, personal responsibility and good academic skills.