• EGHS Technology Support is available during normal business hours M-F, 8am-4pm. You can reach out after hours or on the weekends, but a response is not guaranteed.


    There are two ways to request tech support:

     **YOU MUST INCLUDE: Student Name, Student ID number, detailed message of problem. Pictures/Screenshots are very helpful**

    1. EMAIL: albert.wendy@brevardschools.org

    2. VOICEMAIL: 321-242-6400 x23514


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  • Accessing LaunchPad, Email, and Google Classroom

    Click Here



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  • Troubleshooting Tips

    Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the most common issues experienced with eLearning:


    1. Make sure you’re using Chrome or Edge. LaunchPad and FOCUS don’t work well in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    2. Immediately after opening Chrome - open an Incognito window: Click the 3 vertical dots at the top and choose “New Incognito Window”. 

    3. Please do EVERYTHING through LaunchPad!!

    4. Access LaunchPad by going to www.brevardschools.org and clicking the LaunchPad button at the top.

    5. If you encounter an error logging into LaunchPad – make a note of exactly what it says.
      1. Make sure you're using student#@st.brevardschools.org for your email address. 
      2. If it says your account is locked, you can email/call EGHS Technology Support. The account will automatically unlock after 60 minutes.
      3. If it says your password is wrong – try again but type carefully.
      4. If you can’t remember your password – contact EGHS Technology Support.


    1. Google Apps – please refer to #2! Access Google Apps via LaunchPad ONLY!  If you get an error message:

      1. Make sure you are not signed into Google with any other personal accounts. Using an incognito window will keep this from happening.

      2. Clear the browser cache - click the three dots at the top and choose History and History again or press Ctrl + H. In the new window - click the link on the left side for "Clear Browsing Data". A new window will pop up.
        Select "all time" from the drop down menu, then click the Clear Data button at the bottom.

      3. Restart the browser and try again.

      4. If you still can’t get in – contact EGHS Technology Support


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