• This year the school and district science fair will be done with tri-fold boards and in-person judging. Students are expected to do a hands-on project if in grades 4-6. 

    Category 1: Science Project (Using the scientific method and answering a question,)

    Category 2: Engineering Project (Using the engineering process and solving a problem.)

    Category 3: Math and Computer Science Project (Math uses math to describe a relationship. Computer science uses coding language to develop information processes or programs.)


    For questions- please refer to the SEF Student Handbook, ask your child's teacher, or email Science Coach Mrs. Kuiper at kuiper.nicole@brevardschools.org.

  •  Science and Engineering Fair Student Planner


    Due Date

    Teacher Initial

    Set up your Log Book. 

    • Every entry is dated and includes 

      • Science/Engineering: data, journal, observations 

      • Mathematics and Computer Science: code strings, reflections

    Checkpoint 1: 10/20/22

    Checkpoint 2: 10/27/22

    Checkpoint 3: 12/01/22


    Select your Question or Problem.

    • Project is approved.

      • Project Approval Form Returned to teacher



    Complete additional Forms.

    • Risk Assessment and Designated Supervisor Form

    • Ethics Agreement (Put in log book.)

    • Get signatures on all other forms required for your project.



    Refer to the SEF Student Handbook and SEF Student Checklist as you work your way through the project.


    Begin your Research.

    • Research your project and take notes in your log book.

    • Collect bibliographic information about each source.



    Develop your Hypothesis/Initial Prototype/Project Goal.



    Write your Procedure.

    • Address safety concerns identified in Risk Assessment.

    • Write complete and concise steps.

    • Include repeated trials or cycles.

    • Include disposal methods, if needed.



    Identify your Materials.

    • Be specific and include the amount needed.

    • For coding, include the coding language and/or program you use.



    Complete your Testing.

    • Keep making dated entries in your log book: 

      • observations, reflections, and data

      • sketches, diagrams, charts, photos, etc.

    • Analyze your data and create graphs or charts.



    Finalize your Project. 

    • Use your analysis and log book entries to write results,  draw conclusions, and make a final reflection.

    • Write your bibliography.



    Create your Display.

    • Make sure your backboard meets requirements.

    • Attach all required components.



    Classroom Presentation.

    • Practice your interview using sample questions and judging criteria for your division.





  • The following websites will give you an overview on the scientific method as well as websites with ideas for fun and easy projects! If you need any assistance please email Nicole Kuiper, Science Coach, at kuiper.nicole@brevardschools.org


    Please remember to read through the handbook as almost all questions can be answered within the handbook. 


    Refer to the calendar for all student due dates. The due dates are intended to keep students on track with completing their projects in a timely manner.  

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.