• The news of COVID-19 continues to surround us almost non-stop, which leads many to feel anxiety and stress. Even just a couple of sneezes or coughs, or starting to “feel strange,” can cause concern and perhaps even fear, wondering if it’s “just a cold” or something bigger. And how would we know which it is?


    We’d like to remind you of a two valuable and free services within the BPS benefits program, available to staff and their family members, which can help with both components, i.e., the emotional and physical aspects related to current events.


    First: for employees and your dependents on the BPS health plan:     


    FOR PHYSICAL HEALTH CONCERNS (for BPS health plan enrollees)

    Telehealth Services, via myCigna.com, is an easy, convenient, and “safe” way to have an initial conversation with a doctor about your health concerns.  Hospitals, physicians, and even our own Marathon clinics are asking staff with flu or COVID-19 concerns to call and speak with someone in their office before coming into the office or clinic setting.  Rather than sit in a crowded waiting room of a doctor’s office or urgent care center, and expose yourself to folks with similar or other health issues,  give MD Live or Amwell a call to speak with (or use video chat) a doctor. You can describe your symptoms to the doc from the  comfort and “safety” of your own home and be given guidance on what to do. If you need assistance accessing Telehealth services, please call Cigna’s customer service: 800.244.6224


    Second: for all employees, their dependents, and family members both in and outside the state of Florida:


    FOR EMOTIONAL HEALTH CONCERNS  (for ALL BPS employees and their families, even if not enrolled in the health plan)

    We remind you of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help with the stress, anxiety, and maybe even fear about what’s going on. Licensed counselors can offer help via phone or in-person sessions.

    HealthAdvocate is the EAP program provider and they can be reached by:


    Also from HealthAdvocate, we share with you here a video that provides a measured and comforting dose of information that’s an alternative to some otherwise more “inflammatory” reporting. Click here for video.