• Required State Assessment and Progress Monitoring


    Astronaut High eLearning Families-

    11th/12th grade FSA ELA:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0549a9a723a31-fsawriting

    Alg 1/Lib Arts/Geo Progress Monitoring:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0B4AA5AB2EA3FF2-maps


    Part of the E-Learning Contract that you signed during registration stated the following:  I will coordinate with school officials so that my student may participate in all state required progress monitoring and state assessment opportunities.  Mrs. Cantaloupe sent an email on Friday regarding both the MAPS Growth and Reading Plus Progress Monitoring tools.  An additional email for ALL 11th graders and specific 12th graders that haven’t met graduation requirements is following.


    All 11th graders must sign up to take the FSA English Language Arts Assessment via a Sign-up Genius found here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0549a9a723a31-fsawriting on our website, or Facebook page.  Additionally 12th graders who haven’t earned a passing ELA score and/or concordance score must also sign up.  Please do this ASAP as there are limited testing slots.


    If your student is taking Algebra 1, Liberal Arts Math 1, Geometry, or Geometry Honors at any time during this school year, please click on the this link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0B4AA5AB2EA3FF2-maps  or go to the Astronaut High School website to sign up for a day and time that your student can come to campus to complete MAPS Growth.  This progress monitoring tool will allow teachers to determine which math skills and interventions are necessary for your student’s optimal math progress this year.  Students will participate in MAPS Growth three times this year, and it will help teachers prepare students for the Math EOCs that are necessary for graduation purposes.


    ALL eLearning students should have taken the Reading Plus Placement test from home.  This assessment gives grade level equivalents in both vocabulary and reading comprehension.  Students who go on to use the Reading Plus program throughout the year will get regular information on reading strengths and weaknesses, and gives teachers the opportunity to apply interventions specific to their needs.  Reading Plus placement and benchmark assessments are also given three times a year, and again, it can be completed from home by following the instructions found in your email.


    Reading Plus Instructions:

    *Sign onto a computer.

    *Open CHROME.

    *Go to the Reading Plus student log-in site.

    *Enter the Site Code:  astrohs

    *Your username is your STUDENT NUMBER. *Your password is your STUDENT NUMBER The program is set up to automatically start with the benchmark assessment, and takes 45-60 minutes to complete.  Please do not go on to any Reading Plus activities/lessons after the benchmark. WHEN YOU SEE A GREEN AND WHITE CIRCLE WITH A CHECK-MARK IN IT, PLEASE EXIT OUT.  We will be able to share a grade level equivalent in Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension when the assessment is complete.


    eLearning parents please be sure you stay up to date with information via our website AND Facebook page.


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