• Freedom 7 Elementary Wish List


    Thank you for your interest in some of our ongoing needs and projects around the school!  If you are able to contribute or have questions, please send an email to Mrs. Colgan, our fabulous bookkeeper at Colgan.patricia@brevardschools.org

    On behalf of the adults and children at Freedom 7, thank you!

    Dr. Haddock, Assistant Principal and Partners in Education (PIE) Coordinator


    Outside Classroom Support:

    As the weather gets a little cooler, teachers are able to use some of our outside spaces for teaching and learning.  Some of these products will help us do that more easily.  

    These portable tables and seats are easily sanitized and provide better access for children to complete work, collaborate with others and to research outside of the classroom.


    Rechargeable power tower, would allow students to have access to charging, even when outside!  We would like three, one for each wing.  



    Outside Learning:       Thanks  

    We are working to update our outside Garden and are looking for some seating for children.  The link below shows the benches we are hoping to secure.  We need 10. 


     Technology Support:

    Our teachers are using a variety of online technologies to support all of our learners.  We have some subscriptions that are of a great need at this time. Some of these platforms have free versions, which teachers have used, but have limited capabilities.  



    Whole School

    $1499 (unlimited)

    Teacher Plan (1 specific teacher)

    $99 annually

    Teacher Monthly (sponsor a teacher with a monthly subscription)



    Whole School


    *Platinum/per teacher


    Gold/per teacher


    Brain Pop

    Grades 3-8


    Grades K-2


    Morale Support:


    We are looking for gift cards in small amounts to use as morale boosters.  Things like Starbucks Dunkin, Chick-fli-la, Amazon, etc., are great to share in random drawings.  



    Thank You