Drop-off, Pick-up and Parking 


    Morning Drop-off: Drop-off occurs in the right hand lane of the car loop ONLY, do not drop your student(s) off in the the left lane. Please pull all the way forward before dropping your child off. Only drop students off on the sidewalk immediately in the front of the school. Students will not be allowed on campus until 7:30AM.

    Pick-up: When arriving for afternoon pick-up, please be sure to follow the Palm Bay City's parent loop route for our school. Please be sure to have your car tag hanging from your rear view window to help keep the line moving quickly. (Car tags can be picked up from the office, you will need to show a picture ID) Once you've picked up your child, please remove the car tag so that the person directing traffic knows that you're set to go.

     ** Please be advised, there is no parking in the left lane of the car loop from 8:00AM - 2:20PM on regular dismissal days, and from 8:00AM - 1:15PM on early release days. This lane must be kept free for emergency vehicles and early check-out only.

    If you need to check your child out early, you may park while you go into the office to check your student(s) out. Please park in a parking spot or outside the gates if you need to speak/conference with a teacher or administrator. Keep in mind that early student check-out must be done before 2:00PM on regular dismissal days and before 12:45PM on early release days.


    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


    Changes in Transporation


    Changing the way your child goes home (bus, car, walk, McAuliffe's after school care or Daycare), MUST be done in writing, in advance for each child. In accordance with the Jessica Lunsford Act - Florida State Statute 1012.468, we cannot relay telephone messages, text messages, emails, etc. to students regarding a change to their afternoon dismissal procedures.

    If the regular method of leaving school needs to be changed, the legal parent/guardian must send a signed, dated note to the child's teacher. Only a written statement signed by the legal parent/guardian can be accepted as valid instructions. Include the following information on the note:

    • Child’s first & last name

    • Teacher’s name

    • Date(s) the change will be in effect (single day, week, rest of the year)

    • First & last name of the person picking up (if applicable). This person must bring a valid driver’s license or photo ID card and they MUST be listed on the child’s registration form as authorized to pick up. The person that signed the registration form may add additional pick up names, but this must be done in person.

    • Parent/Legal guardian’s first & last name PRINTED

    • Parent/Legal guardian’s signature

    • Date of the note

    • Date or dates the change is for (one day, the week, the rest of the year)

    • If someone other than the parent or guardian will be picking up, they MUST be listed on the student's registration form PRIOR to picking up.


    Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep our students safe.