Welcome to THS Registration Headquarters!


  • ELECTIVE COURSE REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS (links above only active during registration window)

    1. Log in to Launchpad on your phone or a computer

    2. Click on the Titusville High Homepage

    3. Under “Academics” click on “Registration”

    4. Select the Registration card for your grade level under “Useful Links”

         · If you are currently a Freshman (Class of 2024), select the 10th Grade Registration Card

         · If you are currently a Sophomore (Class of 2023), select the 11th Grade Registration Card

         · If you are currently a Junior (Class of 2022), select the 12th Grade Registration Card

    5. Read through the information at the top of the Google Form.

    6. Enter your information into the first 4 questions (Your name, student number, Summer phone number, and personal email address)

    7. Select a different elective choice from each drop down #1-8 (sophomores will only have 7 choices, HOPE will be automatically put on your request screen)

         · Do not select the same elective twice, do not select an elective you have already taken

    8. If you have any questions for your counselor, enter them into the last question, or you can see a counselor in the Cafeteria Monday-Friday during all 3 lunches