• Florida Online Course Catalog

    The Florida Online Course Catalog includes information about the available online courses offered by district virtual schools, department approved providers and Florida Virtual School (FLVS). This catalog provides an opportunity for each entity to showcase the online courses they offer. For each course, the catalog provides access to the official course description, a description of unique features of the course, a method for students to provide evaluative feedback and course passage and completion rates.

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Course Number Course Name Course Feedback Code
8203310 Accounting Applications 1/Level 3 BR349170BR17
7855040 Advanced Academics: 6-8 for Gifted Students BR727791BR79
100300 Advanced Placement Art-History of Art BR914128BR12
2100330 Advanced Placement United States History BR116226BR22
1200310 Algebra 1 BR644036DI03
1200320 Algebra 1 Honors BR650303DI30
1200330 Algebra 2 BR659576DI57
1200340 Algebra 2 Honors BR706467DI46
2000350 Anatomy and Physiology BR143181DI18
2000360 Anatomy and Physiology Honors BR149752DI75
5001020 Art - Grade 1 BR011100BR10
5001030 Art - Grade 2 BR028967BR96
5001010 Art - Grade Kindergarten BR945178BR17
5001040 Art - Intermediate 1 BR046214BR21
5001050 Art - Intermediate 2 BR058818BR81
5001060 Art - Intermediate 3 BR113552BR55
2000310 Biology 1 BR201004DI00
2000320 Biology 1 Honors BR207257DI25
8200110 Business Keyboarding BR158024BR02
1700380 Career Research and Decision Making BR952645DI64
2003340 Chemistry 1 BR220635DI63
2003350 Chemistry 1 Honors BR227190DI19
9009200 Coding Fundamentals BR143334BR33
1700370 Critical Thinking and Study Skills BR031886DI88