• Florida Online Course Catalog

    The Florida Online Course Catalog includes information about the available online courses offered by district virtual schools, department approved providers and Florida Virtual School (FLVS). This catalog provides an opportunity for each entity to showcase the online courses they offer. For each course, the catalog provides access to the official course description, a description of unique features of the course, a method for students to provide evaluative feedback and course passage and completion rates.

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Course Number Course Name Course Feedback Code
100300 Advanced Placement Art-History of Art BR330972BR97
101100 M/J visual Arts 1 BR010781BR78
101110 M/J Visual Arts 2 BR024560BR56
103000 M/J Digital Art & Design 1 BR549588BR58
108370 Digital Art Imaging 1 BR844670BR67
200010 M/J Computer Science Discoveries 1 BR202001BR00
400660 Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production BR535322BR32
701320 French 1 BR334504DI50
701330 French 2 BR343203DI20
708000 M/J Spanish, Beginning BR742419DI41
708340 Spanish 1 BR409440DI44
708350 Spanish 2 BR422748DI74
800300 Health 1 Life Management Skills BR451451DI45
1000012 M/J Intensive Reading 2 BR351105BR10
1000412 Intensive Reading 1 BR257691BR69
1000414 Intensive Reading 2 BR913458BR45
1000416 Intensive Reading 3 BR933468BR46
1000418 Intensive Reading 4 BR959769BR76
1001010 M/J Language Arts 1 BR034736DI73
1001020 M/J Language Arts 1, Advanced BR042420DI42
1001040 M/J Language Arts 2 BR123093DI09
1001050 M/J Language Arts 2, Advanced BR130117DI11
1001070 M/J Language Arts 3 BR138023DI02
1001080 M/J Language Arts 3, Advanced BR145235DI23
1001310 English 1 BR846397DI39