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  • The office of Employee Benefits and Risk Management manages and administers the BPS employee benefits program and makes available the necessary information so that each employee can make informed choices regarding health and welfare plans, retirement services, wellness programs, and leaves of absence.



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    FREE webinar for all BPS employees!  

    Studies show that success in both our personal and professional lives does not necessarily depend on an individual’s IQ, but more often on their EQ—or Emotional Quotient. Better understanding our own emotions and those of others can enhance our interpersonal relationships and enable us to be more supportive of others.

    We are hosting a free webinar Thursday, June 24, to discuss how we relate to and support others, as well as share strategies to bring more awareness to our emotional competencies and hone those skills.

    A web version of this invitation can be found here, which can also be used to promote this upcoming event in internal communications to your employees.

    Plus, coming up in the weeks ahead:

    July 1, 2021: Ahead of the long holiday weekend, we’ll be sharing links
    to our most popular archived webinars. More information to come.

    July 8, 2021: Managing Mental Health During Times of Social Change

    Registration Links: 10:15 am (ET)  |  4:15 pm (ET)

    July 15, 2021: Managing Mental Health During Times of Social Change

    Registration Links: 10:15 am (ET)  |  4:15 pm (ET)

    We continue to be by your side when you need us most, and we hope this is helpful to you and your team.

    In good health,

    Health Advocate




    • REMINDER: for a reduced 2022 medical plan deductible, the deadline is 11/15/21 for medical plan enrollees, including spouses, to complete a biometric screening, and a Health Assessment at myCigna.com. 


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