• Meet Quest's M.F.L.C./ Military & Family Life Counselor, Ms. Annmarie Metz!


    Free and confidential non-medical counseling is available to Active-duty service members and their families, including the children of Quest Elementary School. Some goals of this counseling service can include the following: Managing stress, increasing self-esteem, strengthening relationships, providing resources, and increasing resiliency; We also help service members, and their families address the day-to-day stressors of military life and the impact of deployment and reintegration. Issues can include communication, family dynamics, grief and loss, deployment and reintegration, transitions (parental divorce, relocation), and social skills. In summary, the primary role of your M.F.L.C. is to provide supportive counseling services to Military children and their families.


    Your point of contact: Lisa Clark 321-242-1411 Mondays & Fridays)


    Quest Staff Military Contact: Mrs. Karry Castillo 321-242-1411