• Enterprise Elementary Science & Engineering Fair

  • Welcome to Enterprise's Science & Engineering Fair website.  We hope you will find this site useful in helping your child complete their Science & Enginering Fair project.  Students in grades 4-6 are required to complete a Science Fair project this school year.  Our Science & Engineering Fair will be face to face, including physical boards and handwritten Daily Logs.  Students will complete the majority of their project in school; however, the experiment itself will most likely need to be conducted at home.  Our school Science & Engineering Fair judging will be held on January 26, 2023.  Your child's teacher will communicate due dates with you for the various stages of project completion. 

    We are here to help!  Please reach out to your child's teacher with any questions.  Within this site are some helpful tools and resources for completing Science Fair projects.  

  • Daily Log Book

  • During the project, all students will need a composition book to organize the parts of their project.  Their classroom teacher will assist them with this.  Within their Daily Log Book students will write their question, hypothesis, materials list, procedures, data, observations, and conclusions.  Students will also keep a daily journal while they are conducting the experiment portion of their project.  It is important to remember that the Daily Log Book is where students will record everything as they move through the various stages of their project.  This book must be handwritten.  The science board will be put together when the project is completed from the information in the Daily Log Book.  The board is just the visual representation of what is noted in the Daily Log Book.

    Please see below for some sample Daily Log Book entries. 

Sample Logbook 1
Sample Logbook 2
Sample Logbook 3

  • Science Board Layout

Science Board Layout

  • Science Project Steps

SEF Steps