• 8th Grade DeLaura Families,

    Gradventure is an event for our 8th graders in the Spring.  We take students to Universal Studios to celebrate their middle school years.  


    Gradventure will be Friday, May 5, 2023.  Universal is reserved for schools on that date.  Students who are suspended, In School and/or Out of School, during the 2nd Semester will not be eligible to participate.  



    What does your ticket include?

    •  Transportation on charter bus

    •  DMS GradVenture T-Shirt

    •  Admission

    •  Meal

    •  Rides and Attractions at two parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure)

    • Entertainment- DJ’s, Dance Zones, Karaoke, Street Entertainment 


    Travel Arrangements

    •  Bus departs DeLaura around 2:00 p.m.

    •  Students will not be permitted to check out of school the day of the event

    •  Students who are absent from school that day will not be permitted to attend

    •  The buses will arrive back to DMS at approximately 1:30 a.m.

    •  Please have rides waiting for our return


    Dress Code

    You must adhere to the DeLaura Middle School Dress Code and the BPS School Board Code of Conduct

    • You must wear your Gradventure T-Shirt the day of the trip

    • No jeans with rips are allowed (Universal Studios policy)

    • Length of shorts have to adhere DeLaura dress code

    • Not allowed: board shorts, swimwear, sweatpants, pajama pants

    • No backless shoes

    • No sagging or baggy clothes permitted.


    Once at the park

    •  Students are free to move about with their friends

    •  A Hospitality Center will be available for chaperones

    •  If you need to locate any school personnel, ask a park attendant or contact your chaperone

    • Students are required to adhere to the time and meeting locations established by the chaperones - Check in via phone every hour.


    What Can I Bring?

    • Students may bring drawstring backpacks no larger than 8 ½ by 11’’. Large backpacks are NOT permitted. 

    • Students can bring purses, but they cannot be larger than 8 ½ by 11’’. (Universal rules).

    • All students must adhere to the School Board Policy for items that should not be at any school function. Disciplinary action will result if any violation occurs.

    • All student belongings are subject to search at any time.


    We look forward to celebrating your middle school years at Gradventure in May!


    Thank you,

    DeLaura Middle School