Running Club

    with Mr. Jessup

    Monday – Friday from 7:30 - 7:50AM in the P.E. field.


    Students will go to breakfast after running club. They should not walk around school- go directly to running club if they want to participate. They must be in their homeroom class by 8:00AM.

    If there is bad weather or even just light rain, running club will be cancelled for that morning.


    Safety is the most important thing!

    Know your limitations- stop if you’re getting overheated, nauseous, dizzy, or out of breath.

    Watch where you’re going- be alert for divots, ants, equipment, fixtures, and other people.

    Be sure to report any injury to the PE teacher immediately.

    Social distancing and spatial awareness- don’t run close to others.


    Other Club Rules

    Don’t cause drama- absolutely no fighting, name calling, teasing, putdowns, or bullying. 

    Do not touch other students for any reason.

    Do not touch cones or other equipment for any reason.

    Do not climb on any of the benches, fences, or backstops.


    Most importantly, have a great time and get healthy!