• New Family and Student Resources - New Scottie OnBoarding

    This resource is designed to help new students at DeLaura Middle School during their transition time.



    Athletics: DeLaura Middle School participates in the Brevard County Middle School League. Competitive girls & boys basketball is offered in the fall. During this season, cheerleading is also offered, along with students participating as our Scottie Mascot. Girls & boys competitive track is offered in the spring. 

    Brevard Middle Schools will offer two new sports at the intramural level.  Fall Boys & Girls Soccer & Winter Boys & Girls Volleyball will be offered for a 5 week season. During these seasons, players will only be allowed to play against other DeLaura students. 


    All students wanting to participate in the Athletic programs, must have a completed Athletic Participation Packet on file with the school.  The packet can be found on the DeLaura website under “Athletics”.    For more information regarding Athletics, please contact Candace Terry, Athletic Director at terry.candacem@brevardschools.org.



    Attendance: The last check out of the day is 3:45 pm Monday - Thursday, and 2:30pm on Friday. Please be prepared to show a photo ID to check out your student. Any person checking out a student must have prior approval from a custodial parent and must also be named on the student contact list.  


    Students are allowed up to 9 unexcused absences in a semester. Please forward any notes for excused absences such as doctor appointments, etc. to thomas.karen@brevardschools.org . Also, if you know your student will be absent for any reason, please call the front office at 321-773-7581 ext. 31601 to let us know so that we can indicate the absence in your student's Focus account. Automated phone calls and emails are sent to the parents/guardians if students are marked absent (without notification) and if there are excessive absences. 



    Busing: Students who live more than two miles from school are eligible for a bus. Please contact the guidance office at 321-773-7581 x 31623 to request a bus pass for your student. Fee based busing is available on a space available basis for students who live within the two mile radius.  Students who attend with an Education Location Option (ELO) are NOT eligible for bus transportation under any circumstances.  Bus ID badges are issued to students to scan when getting on and off the bus. Please make sure your bus rider has their badge with them every day. If preferred, the barcode can be accessed through the Brevard Focus app. 



    Cell Phones: Cell phones must be put away while on campus after our warning bell rings at 9:27am for our first class. Cell phones may be used during lunch periods. They are not to be otherwise visible, taken out, or used, at any time until the final bell of the day rings or they are given permission by a DeLaura staff member.  No pictures or videos are to be taken with phones and students will receive a disciplinary referral and consequences if they are. In addition, there is to be no posting of images-pictures, taken during school hours, even if the picture was posted by a student other than the one who took it.  These infractions could also result in a disciplinary referral and consequences. DeLaura is not responsible if any electronic devices are lost, misplaced, etc.  This video also outlines our cell 



    Class Rotations: Each month, DeLaura rotates its schedule.  This helps families who have regular appointments not miss the same class all year long.  It also allows students to have different people to interact with at lunch. We start new rotations the 1st Monday of each month.  Here’s our Calendar Rotation for 2022-2023: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FLUzwKrUryVnhAKyj4t6FlnodL4jej2R/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=104507546878430386513&rtpof=true&sd=true



    Clinic:  We have a clinic students can visit if they have any medical concerns.  Families are to bring ALL medications that are to be used at school (even cough drops) to the clinic and sign a permission slip. Also, if a student requires the use of durable medical equipment at school, please send in MD (medical doctor) documentation.  If a student is to self- carry a life-saving medication, it will require an MD note stating such and paperwork will need to be signed off by nurse & principal before it can be self-carried at school. Any questions can be directed to the school nurse to answer your concerns.




    Dress Code:  All students must follow the BPS dress code during school days and activities.  The BPS dress code can be found on page 20 & 21 of the 2022-2023 student planner.  Remember, all undergarments must be covered, no hats can be worn, the bottom of your shirt must meet the top of your bottom garment and students may not wear clothing with offensive or inappropriate messaging.  



    Drop Off and Pickup:  School starts daily at 9:30am.  Students can enter campus at 9am (once on campus, students are not to leave until dismissal).  If you plan to drop off your child in your car, the best times to drop kids off are between 9:00am-9:20am.  After 9:20am, the parking lot gets really busy.


    School dismisses at 4:15pm Monday-Thursday and at 3pm Friday.  Families can park in our front lot and wait for their student to walk to them for dismissal.  


    Thank you for making our Drop Off and Pickup as SAFE as possible.



    Focus Account: Students will be issued a Focus account at school. Parents will receive a Focus pin number when registering their student. It is important to set up the Parent Focus Portal so you can check on your student’s grades and assignments. Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, re-enrollment verifications will be completed by parents through the Focus Parent Portal.  Please contact the guidance office at 321-773-7581 x 31623 or the front office at x 31601 for assistance with the parent pin number. We are not authorized to send this information home with the student.  



    Guidance Office: The Guidance Center consists of two school counselors: one counselor for the 7th and one for 8th graders.  The guidance center also has an office/data clerk, and testing/ESOL/gifted coordinator. The Guidance Center offers academic, emotional, social, and behavioral support to students. The school counselors work with students, families and educators to provide the best learning environment. The guidance counselors will  create a schedule for your student. Students will meet with their counselor when they enroll in school or shortly after they enroll to create a schedule and to ensure all requirements are being met. The school counselor will also show the students around the school. Students who are struggling in school should meet with their teacher. If students and/or parents have concerns about their grades they can contact the school counselor. The school counselor also helps students with credit recovery. 



    Lunches: This year, lunch is not free for all students.  Below is information on how to sign up for paid lunches and guidelines for Free and Reduced meals.

    • My Payments Plus: Paid Lunch will be $2.50.  Sign up on https://mypaymentsplus.com/register to manage your child’s cafeteria account. Check account balances, sign up for free low-balance email reminders, make payments using a credit or debit card, set up auto-pay for when your child’s account reaches a low-balance threshold.

    • Free and Reduced: Students may qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch meals based on the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines.  You must reapply each year.  https://www.brevardschools.org/Page/3473