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      Volunteers are WELCOME at Christa McAuliffe Elementary!


      Anyone that meets BPS Volunteer Qualifications can be a school volunteer. Once an individual is cleared by the Office of District and School Security, they can volunteer for school events and chaperone for school field trips at any school in the BPS district.

      To become an approved volunteer, complete the following steps:

      1. Complete the online volunteer application found here: BPS Volunteer Application 

      2. Pay the $35.00 fee online here: Online payment options  *$35.00 fee is waived at this time

      3. Get fingerprinted at the BPS Educational Services Facility – Office of District and School Security (2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL  32940 between 8:00AM-4:00PM), even if you've been fingerprinted somewhere else. (The State of Florida does not have a shared database that would allow us to access other agencies' employee fingerprints. The systems utilized by the federal government, contractors of the United States government and private companies are disparate systems and communicate and store data in different manners.)

      After completing the above steps, and the Office of District and School Security has completed the VECHS Level II background check, the applicant will receive an email notifying them of their approval.


      Volunteer Yearly Renewal

      Volunteer status is good for one year. BPS will retain your fingerprints digitally and will electronically resubmit them to the Florida Department of Law enforcement for a fee of $8.00.  Approved volunteers will be notified via the email account provided with their application 60 days and 30 days prior to their needing to complete the renewal. Volunteers must renew prior to the expiration to keep their status. You will not need to return to the Office of District Security to be fingerprinted yearly.  

      To pay the $8.00 renewal fee, please click here: Online payment options


      Volunteer Policies


      • VOLUNTEERS MUST MAINTAIN STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY concerning information they see and hear concerning students and staff, including students' grades, records, and abilities.
      • Volunteers CAN NOT discipline students. Report discipline problems to a teacher or staff member.
      • Volunteers agree to abide by School Board Policy 3215: Smoking and Tobacco-Free Environment
      • Volunteers agree to report child abuse or suspected abuse to the school administration and the Department of Children and Families at 1-800-96ABUSE  (1-800-962-2873).
      • Volunteers may not give medication to students, ever.
      • Volunteers do not diagnose student weaknesses and strengths, prescribe activities for students, or evaluate student progress.
      • Volunteers’ discussions with teachers should not interrupt class instruction time.
      • Volunteers should set a good example for students by their manner, appearance, and behavior.
      • Comparing and criticizing teachers or students is not acceptable.
      • Volunteers may not have informal conferences with school personnel nor conduct personal business at school.
      • Volunteers should never touch students in any way that is aggressive, disciplinary, or sexual in nature.
      • Volunteers must NOT have private communications with students; (i.e., such as social media, texting, email).
      • All volunteers (and visitors) must Sign IN and OUT through our volunteer management system using a valid, physical photo ID during and after school hours.
      • All volunteers or visitors MUST WEAR AN IDENTIFYING NAMETAG approved by the Office of District and School Security.
      • Volunteers must notify the office about the location they will be volunteering and should remain in that area and not roam the school campus.


      Questions or concerns, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Chris Bell, by email at: Bell.Chris@BrevardSchools.org or by phone at: (321)768-0465 ext. 47007

  • Homeroom Parent Volunteers Needed!

    If you’re an approved volunteer in the BPS system, and able to help with any of the needs listed below, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Chris Bell, via email at: Bell.Chris@BrevardSchools.org


    Please keep checking back for updated information.