Sea Park Elementary Values Our Military Students and Families

    Sea Park Elementary is the best kept secret on the beach. But, there is no secret that the Sea Park Elementary school community values and is enriched by the contributions that our Military students and families make to our school. Throughout the school year various events such as Purple Up! Day, Month of the Military Child, Veteran Day activities, K-6 Buddy Up gatherings, and bulletin board display provide Sea Park Elementary with opportunities to showcase our military students.


    Military Point of Contact:

    Sarah Schroeder

    Sea Park Elementary School Counselor

    321-779-2050   Ext. 51023


    Transition Planning for Military Families

    Patrick SFB Life

    Susan Clark

    School Liaison Program Manager


    45 FSS/FLP

    321-494-1991 DSN: 854-1991


    With each move, military children face many school-related challenges, The Patrick Space Base School Liaison can provide information about transition planning, academic options and options and resources with regards to the local area, as well as connect you to the School Liaison at your next installation when transitioning to another location.


    Transition Steps:


    1. Register and enroll at school of choice.


    2. Identify as Active Military Duty


    3. Fill out a form for student (s) in family to meet with Military Family Life Counselor


    4. Set up conference with principal and classroom teacher (s)


    5. Join Parent and Teacher Organization to assist with events.


    6. Military students are taken on a student-led tour of Sea Park Elementary through the STARS program.


    7. Sea Park Elementary Website/Military Webpage and supports shared with new families.



    Academic Planning for Military Families

    Brevard Public Schools Elementary Curriculum


    Stephanie Hall

    Sea Park Elementary School Principal

    321-779-2050    Ext 51002


    Angie Lizek

    Sea Park Elementary School Assistant Principal

    321-779-2050   Ext 51015


    Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Families


    This program is available 24/7 for U.S. Military and their families at no cost and it is online tutoring and it offers homework help. The tutors can assist you with working through difficult homework problems, assist you with improving your writing skills, and with other skills.


    United Through Reading

    Family bonding experiences are made possible by shared story time through a program called United Through Reading.  This program connects military families who are separated for deployment or military assignment.


    Military OneSource

    The Military OneSource provides services in such areas as tax services, spouse employment help, Webinars, online training, relocation, deployment tools, and other areas. Call-800-342-9647

    Military Child Care                                          

    Department of Defense (DOD) program that makes it easier to find the child and youth care your family needs.   Call 855-696-2934

    Military Kids Connect                                

    Military Kids Connect (MKC) is an online community for military children (ages 6-17 years old) that provides access to age-appropriate resources to support children from pre-deployment, through a parent’s or caregiver’s return.

    Sesame Street for Military Families    

    This is a free, bi-lingual (English and Spanish) website that families can utilize to locate information and multimedia resources on topics such as military deployments, multiple deployments, homecomings, injuries, grief, and self-expression.

    USDOD—Taking Care of Our People

    This is a US. Department of Defense website.  This website recognizes the service and sacrifice of our military and their families. The U.S. DOD dedicates resources, services, policies, and programs to support the more that 2 million uniformed service members and the 2.6 million family members around the world.

    Red Cross—Military Services                           

    Members of the Red Cross assist members of the military, veterans, and their families how to prepare, respond, and adjust to the challenges of military services.


    Families of K-12 students are provided a choice of financial assistance towards private school tuition and fees or help with transportation costs for students to attend a public school different than the one the student is assigned to through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) and Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-CO) programs.


    Information on School’s Student-Led Transition Program

    STARS Student-Led Transition Team


    S-Student Led

    T-Transition Team


    R-Recently Arrived Military

    S-Students at Sea Park


    Sea Park’s STARS is a student-led transition program. This program will assist new military students enrolling at our school. The STARS program will include a STARS Team Coordinator and will be a peer-support system that will connect new military students with others at Sea Park. The team will assist the new student with becoming acquainted with other Sea Park School students, introduce the student to the school layout, school expectations, school procedures, school events, school activities, and the Military Family Life Counselor.


    Military Family Life Counselor

    Arleen Francis



    Sea Park Elementary School Counselor

    Sarah Schroeder

    321-779-2050   Ext. 51023


    Information on Exceptional Student Education Services (ESE)


    1. Parents inform the school that their child has exceptional student services at enrollment.

    2. Parents inform the school that they would like to know about exceptional student services at enrollment for their child because they have concerns about the social-emotional and academic development of their child.

    3. Link to school/district resources

    4. School Principal Contact: Stephanie Hall      321-779-2050 Ext. 510                                                                                                                                           

    5. School Counselor Contact: Sarah Schroeder, 321-779-2050 Ext. 51023


    This information is for parents who are just starting their journey through Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and for those who have been on this journey for a while.

    ESE Parent Connection: The ESE Parent Connection is a series of informational meetings sponsored by Brevard Public Schools. These meetings are open to all parents who have a student in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program. 

    Lane Anderson, FDLRS      386-255-6475    Ext. 52839

    Special Education Connection: Florida Department of Education is proud to provide access to Special Ed Connection to parents of students with disabilities. Special Ed Connection is a web-based resource that parents can use to gain an understanding of what special education is and how it works, as their child enters and progresses through and exits the world of special education requirements.  Some highlights of the many components that will be made available for your use include Smarts, Special Ed Online Dictionary, News and Update and Special Ed Roundups. 

    Parents and teachers may sign up for this resource online. Online Registration for Special Ed Connect Resource.   To find out more about this available resource, contact Lane Anderson at

    Florida Students Achieve: This is a joint project between the Florida Education Foundation and the Florida Department of Education.  Here you will find resources to help you choose the best schools for your children and to understand what things students should be learning.   This will help you work with your child’s teachers to ensure the best possible outcome.

    University of Central Florida—Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) UCF CARD serves children and adults who have Autism, pervasive developmental disorders, autistic-like disabilities, dual sensory impairments, or sensory impairments with other disabling conditions. Their primary focus is to provide individualized, direct assistance to these individuals and their families.  CARD services are designed to build on the capacities of state and local resources, not to duplicate them.  The Center is funded by the Florida Legislature through the Florida Department of Education and all services are free of charge.


    Information on Military Recognition Events

    -Take a Vet to School

    -Purple UP! For Military Kids

    -Buddy Up! Gatherings for K-6th grade students

    -Month of the Military Child activities

    -Month of the Military Family activities

    -Bulletin board display of Military Students and families

    -Veteran’s Banners created and hung in school lobby/office or in hallway bulletin board

    -Deployment Map in School Lobby/office or in hallway bulletin board

    -Meet and Greet Military Life Counselor, Arleen Francis, at Community Resource Night

    -Morning Announcements done by Military Students

    -Patrick Space Force Air Base Events Link:


    Information on the Mental Health Challenges Facing

    Military Students, Including Ways to Access School-Based Mental Health Services

    Arleen Francis

    Military Family Life Counselor



    Free and confidential non-medical counseling is available to Active duty. The primary role of the Military Family Life Counselor is to provide supportive counseling services to Military children and their families. The Military Family Life Counseling services include helping children manage stress, increasing self- esteem, strengthening relationships, providing resources, and increasing resiliency. There is support for families with the impact of deployment and re-integration. 


    Sarah Schroeder

    Sea Park School Counselor

    (321-779-2050 Ext. 51023


    The Brevard Public Schools provide mental health services, mental health information, and mental health referral information to local agencies is available through the Sea Park School Counselor Office.



    Patrick Space Force Base Connections

    Patrick SFB Life

    Susan Clark

    School Liaison Program Manager


    45 FSS/FLP

    321-494-1991 DSN: 854-1991