• Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair


    9th Grade- Automotive 1:
    Introduction to the basics of automotive mechanics, including automotive systems, tools, basic service, and safety practices.

    10th Grade- Automotive 2 AND Automotive 3 (Double Block):
    Routine maintenance/ consumer services in heating, air conditioning and engine cooling systems, and in engine theory and repairs. Diagnosing, troubleshooting electrical and electronic components related to power train and engine performance service.

    11th Grade- Automotive 5 AND Automotive 5 (Double Block):
    Operation and servicing of automotive brake systems, heating, air conditioning and engine cooling systems, and in the operation and servicing of manual drive trains and axles.

    12th Grade- Automotive 6 AND Automotive 7 OR Internship (Double Block or Off-campus Auto Internship): Apply proficiently the diagnosis, service and repair of heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, engine cooling, operating and related control systems, refrigerant recovery, and recycling and handling.
    This course provides students with the opportunity to gain practical, first-hand knowledge in occupational clusters or industry sectors through a structured internship or on-the-job experience. This experience is designed to give students an opportunity to integrate occupational and applied academic learning and to apply knowledge and skills learned in a classroom to actual work situations. Internship opportunities may be paid or unpaid. Course enrollment is subject to school personnel approval.

    Contact: Broud.Michael@BrevardSchools.org