Welcome to Title I

  • The Title I Vision 

    Title I provides support through resources and research-based training, enabling schools to develop high quality, enriched programs that meet the individual needs of all children, families, and staff. 

    By providing a positive, caring environment with high educational expectations, Title I ensures that all individuals feel capable, connected, and able to make worthwhile contributions to their community. 

    Title I Goals 

    • Assist schools in meeting the goal of consistent growth in student achievement.
    • Support schools in the implementation of high quality, research-based literacy programs.
    • Support schools' efforts to provide extended learning opportunities.
    • Support schools' efforts to implement a comprehensive program for lower achieving students.
    • Implement high quality early childhood programs in schools with a high concentration of at-risk children.
    • Support school efforts to implement the Early Childhood Standards of Excellence for prekindergarten.
    • Enhance opportunities for parents/families to learn ways they can support their children's educational progress from birth to grade twelve.
    • Assist district and schools in meeting requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


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