Welcome to Saturn Elementary School

  • Saturn's Vision

    To provide a safe and supportive community where ALL will achieve personal growth.

    Saturn's Mission

    To empower productive life long learners!



    Morning Arrival

    • Breakfast service begins at 7:30am. Students are not allowed on campus before that time.
    • Breakfast is served until 8:00am!
    • Breakfast and Lunch are free for all Saturn students. 


    If students arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 they should report directly to class or breakfast.

    If students arrive after 8:10, a parent is REQUIRED to come into the front office to sign them in.  Students will receive a tardy pass for their teacher. 

    Early Check-out

    Students may be checked-out from school by an approved adult until 2:00pm. No check-outs will be processed after 2:00pm due to dismissal procedures. 

    Afternoon Dismissal 

    Cars may enter the north car loop.
    *Note - cars are not permitted to pick up students in the south bus loop. 

    2:30 PM

    • Bike Riders, Car Riders, Bus Riders, Walkers and School Aged Child Care students dismissed.
    • School busses park in the South Loop.
    • Day care vans park in the South Loop behind the school busses. 

    2:35 PM
    Busses depart 


    • Regular school attendance is one of the most important factors in a student’s academic success. Please be aware of the Brevard Public Schools attendance policy, which states, “A student who is absent for more than 9 days, or 4 days for schools on a block schedule, within a semester, will not receive a passing grade for the semester.”  A student who is absent for 10 days will be turned over to the Truant Officer. 
    • Students must be in class for a minimum of 4 academic hours in order to be counted present for
    • the day.
    • Absences due to a Doctor or Court appointment or a religious holiday will not be counted if appropriate
    • documents are provided. 

    Please click here for the District attendance policy.

    2019-20 Saturn Report Card - DOE

    Saturn’s 2019-2020 School Report Card Notification is available to access via the link below. A copy can be found in Saturn’s Title I Parent Engagement Notebook located in the front office. If you would like a copy of Saturn’s School Report Card Notification and or the report translated, please contact the front office at 321-633-3535.  The Report card may be found HERE.  The link is also located in the section to the right under Useful Links.

    Se puede acceder a la Notificación de Boleta de Calificaciones Escolares 2018-2019 de Saturno a través del siguiente enlace. Se puede encontrar una copia en el Cuaderno de Compromiso de Padres Título I de Saturno ubicado en la oficina principal. Si desea una copia de la Notificación de Boleta de Calificaciones de la Escuela de Saturno o el informe traducido, comuníquese con la oficina principal al 321-633-3535. El boletín de calificaciones se puede encontrar AQUÍ. El enlace también se encuentra en la sección a la derecha debajo de Enlaces útiles.  https://edudata.fldoe.org/ReportCards/Schools.html?school=1131&district=05

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