About Our School

  • Mural on Main Corridor

    Ralph M. Williams Jr. (RMW) Elementary School, named in memory of a minority leader for education in the local community, opened its campus in one of the Space Coast’s most rapidly growing residential development areas in August of 1999. Located in Rockledge, Florida the school accommodates a diverse student population from the Viera East and Cocoa communities. Currently Williams Elementary serves over 500 students.

    Although the school is located in an affluent neighborhood, there is also government housing zoned to attend as well. This unique zoning as well as specialized ESE units provides diversity that supports the Glasser Quality School model. The staff takes pride in focusing on the whole child, as evidenced by the Cranes with Character program and Reflect and Celebrate assemblies to promote positive interaction and character development. This year Ralph Williams Elementary began a pilot program for an inclusion model for ESE services. This change has already begun to show improvement for our ESE population as most students receive their core instruction through a co-teach model instead of being pulled out of their general education classroom.

    Promoting the use of 21st century skills through blended learning and cooperative learning through Kagan structures (collaboration) are high part of our instructional focus. A grant writing team was able to secure over 300 chrome-book computers to create a nearly one to one ratio for students in grades 3 – 6. Professional development was provided as well as the development of a PLC. Another change is taking place in the 2015 – 2016 school year with a shift towards collaborative planning focused around priority standards and learning scales.

    Williams’ families are very active and supportive in the progress of the school. The PTO has been extremely supportive in the initiatives of the school and supporting the school improvement efforts financially. They have contributed to Kagan training, additional technology, and most importantly family fun events to bring the community together.



  • School Mascot


    The school mascot is the Sandhill Crane.  

    The sandhill crane was selected as the mascot because they were on the wetlands site where the school was built. You can often find these majestic birds strolling along the fields and outdoor areas of the school.  

    Another reason the Sandhill Crane was selected is because of thier social behaviors to mate for life and live in family units, which fosters a caring community which is vital to the survival of the birds. These behavioral elements reflect the enviornment that we try to create for our students and families at Williams.  

    Our School Colors are Hunter Green & Maroon

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