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    Google Takeout: Taking Your Files With You

    Students moving from Elementary to Secondary or Students leaving Secondary

    Click here to learn how to take your files with you.

    Teachers leaving the county- the one above that applies to you.
    Need more info? Visit these URLS:
    Once you have chosen your archive filetype, you then choose how to deliver it to yourself. 
    Choosing to Email a Link will also give you a Download button when the archiving is complete.
    Or, have it save to your Google Drive, then download it at your convenience. 
    It creates a folder called Takeout. Inside are all your archives.
    Click one time on the archive you wish to download, then right click and choose Download.
    You can save the archive to the computer you are working on or directly to a flash drive connected to the computer. 
    Sign in at home and download them there!
    The short URL to this page is:  https://goo.gl/s0UFVA