Textbooks Online

  • Most of these sites need to have PopUp Blockers disabled to function correctly

    All online textbooks will use the same login name and password information this year.

    Students will use:

    brev+7digit student number as their login or username (Example: brev1234567)

    pass+last four digits of the their student number for their password (Example: pass4567)

    If a textbook is not available please contact the homeroom teacher. Some of the programs require the homeroom teacher to issue online books just like a physical book in the classroom. 

    Reading for Grades K6


    Social Studies for Grades K6


    Math Grades K-5

    Coming Soon

    Math Grade 6


    Science Grades K-5

    Click on Go button by For Students


    Science Grade 6


    Parents: students under age 13 should bring home a

    letter outlining the Children’s Online Privacy

    Protection Act. Please ask to see it.

    Additional Online Resources


    If prompted for a password use brevard 


    Login and password are both brevard 

    FCAT Explorer


    Grades 36

    Most of them follow this convention:

    Signin Name: Students LEGAL First Name

    Password: 005LastName

    Example: Thomas and 005Jones

    Use the number zero, not a letter O

    005 is our district number

    If there is more than one student in our district with the exact same name the password will have a number added at the end –

    example: 005Jones01 – ask the teacher if it doesn’t work for you!