Cafeteria Manager: Leslie Hutchison
    254-7261 ext 3010
    E-Mail: hutchison.leslie@brevardschools.org




    Accepted Prepayment for Lunch

           Meal Pay Plus    866-876-2404

           personal check - made out to Sabal Elementary School and includes the student's first and last name, and Student Number

           cash - sent in an envelope with the student's first and last name, and the student number

    Pre-Pay Online


    Make paying for lunches easier...


    Use an online service to pay and monitor your child's lunch account using a debit or credit card. Just click on the icon to sign up. My Lunch Money.com provides the spending history of your child, low balance email notification, expired credit card notification, meal control settings, daily spending limit settings, allows for multi-student funding and provides an automatic funding option. To sign up you will need your child's student number which can be obtained through the office by calling 254-7290.




    Special Offerings
    Parents! If you want to provide cupcakes or cookies for a birthday party or other event, please contact the Sabal cafeteria. We can accommodate special orders and have them ready when you need them. This will save you from having to make a special trip to the bakery.




    $0.50 each



    $0.25 each

    Other baked available as well. Please call ahead to place your order.


    A la Carte Items

    Milk $  .40 Ice Cream $  .50
    Yoohoo $  .60 Cereal Snack Bowls $  .50
    Gatorade Bottle $1.00 Chips $  .50
    Cake $  .50 Pepperoni Bread w/Sauce $  .50
    Jello $  .50 Jalapeño Bread $  .50
    Water (small) $  .50 Bread Sticks $  .75
    Dole Juice $1.00 Mozzarella Sticks $  .50
    Cinnamon Rolls $  .50 Dinner Roll $  .25
    Soft Pretzel $  .50 Curious George $  .25
    Cupcake $  .50 Fresh Fruit $  .50
    Rice Crispy Treats $  .50 Whole Dill Pickles $  .50
    Small Cookie $  .25 Slice of Pizza $1.50
    Brownies $  .50 Choc Chip Cookie Cake serves 24 $10.00
    Choc Chip cookie Cake serves 48 $18.00 1/2 Sheet Cake $12.00
    Whole Sheet Cake $24.00 Pizza Cheese or Pepperoni 8-7 sl. $5.00