In FUSE, youth choose from a wide array of challenges that appeal

    to their existing interests in music, design, and pop culture. Youth

    work at their own pace to complete the FUSE challenges, leveling

    up through increasingly complex projects and producing unique

    artifacts along the way. FUSE Facilitators, who are usually teachers

    or librarians from our partner organizations, act as problem solving

    coaches and mentors in each studio.



    Cultivate creative problem solving & persistence

    Encourage leadership and peer mentoring

    Exposure to hands-on technology & iterative design process



    Foster student interest through authentic STEAM learning

    Boost engagement through youth-driven learning

    Reach historically underrepresented youth in STEAM

    Offer your FUSE Studio during or after the school day


    FUSE program design is supported by research collected from youth

    activity in studios. Analysis of our user data allows us to identify

    and support the interests of girls and minorities who are typically

    underrepresented in STEAM fields.


    To learn more about FUSE at Palm Bay Elementary call 321-723-1055 x 5039