• PE Rules

    1. Sneakers are required for safe play.  Anyone who wears sandals, clogs, boots, high heel sneakers, or flip-flops will NOT PARTICIPATE!
    2. Quiet when entering and exiting class
    3. Listen to directions and safety rules
    4. No gum or candy in the mouth (school rule as well)
    5. Careful when in motion
    6. When the whistle blows stop and listen
    7. Be a good sport.  Play by the rules! Try your Best!

    Sneaker Alert!

    Every child is expected to wear socks and sneakers to school on the day of Physical Education class and have them for Extended PE time with their teacher, to ensure his or her safety during activity. Slip on shoes do not provide stability during movement and allow the foot to slide around during vigorous activity, which is unsafe for your child. Sandals, boots, clogs, dress shoes, flip- flops, water shoes, jellies, hiking shoes, heelies even though the wheels are removed, shoes with spikes and especially high heeled platform sneakers are also not acceptable for the activities and running your child will be doing. Shoes must also be laced and tied tightly for safety. Any student who reports to Physical Education class wearing unsafe footwear will not be allowed to participate in the activities. Since all students need to be active while at P.E. they will be asked to walk and write a reflection on the days activity while other students participate in the activity of the day.

    Thanks for your assistance in keeping your child safe for Physical Education class by reminding him/her to wear sneakers on Physical Education days.

    It's Hot Out Here!

        Please have your child bring a labeled water bottle to PE!!
        Excused from PE
        A parent or doctor's note will need to be sent in for your child to be excused from PE. A doctor's note will be necessary for multiple classes being missed and will also need to be on file with the school nurse.  IF your child is unable to participate in the activity they will remain with the physical education class and do a written reflection of the lesson so they do not miss out on instruction.  They will need to bring paper and pencil with them to their PE class.