•  Hello, my Most AMAZING Artists!

    How are YOU today?


    I so miss your beautiful faces and your wonderful creativity! Even though all of these lessons and activities are optional, I hope you have been able to do some art during your distance learning! 


    Week 9 Lesson


    Our last lesson of the school year is all about printmaking!  You can use recycled styrofoam or aluminum foil to create a print.  Your print can be as simple or as complex as you’d like!

     There are LOTS of links to videos and other resources in the lesson, so check them out if you have time!

    Marker Printmaking Lesson


    If you are not on our Artsonia online gallery yet, then just email me your artwork. Or better yet, see directions below for how to join Artsonia.


    Previous Lessons

    Last week was all about collage. You used whatever paper you had to create a beautiful collage like Henri Matisse and Eric Carle. You will find this lesson, along with lessons from each Distance Learning week, in the Links and Files below.

    I have also included there additional lessons and activities just for fun, so be sure to explore the Links and Files to find an activity of your choice. All of these are optional and meant as a fun, creative Brain Break, so find the activities that YOU want to do! 

    I can't wait to see what you have created!

    Take a photo and upload it to Artsonia or email it to me so I can see.



    Now is also a perfect time to get familiar with our Artsonia online art gallery, if you haven't already. Look for the link on this page and check it out.

    Many of your parents have already given permission for you to use this free and completely safe site, but if yours have not yet, I encourage them to do so, as this is where we will be sharing your completed activities. Have your parents email me for more information on how to give permission for Artsonia use.








    I miss being surrounded by your talent! 

    In the meantime, remember:

    I make messes!

    I make mistakes!

    But deep inside, I've got what it takes! 

    I AM an ARTIST!


    Tool Explosion


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    Would you like to participate in a new Artsonia project? Art is an excellent way to express our feelings.
    Create artwork about your feelings during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 
    Use available materials and be CREATIVE!
    Please feel free to use one of the following themes or create your own:
    - A Positive message of hope and optimism
    - The first thing I will do when this is all over
    - My vacation spot in my mind
    - How to stay connected while apart
    - Thank you to our doctors and nurses
    Email your artwork to Ms. Lambert or upload it to our online gallery at www.artsonia.com (directions for how to upload are in the above Links and Files.)

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Ms. Kami Lambert



Degrees and Certifications:

BA, Studio Art Master of Arts in Teaching Teacher Certification in Art K-12 ESOL Endorsement

Ms. Kami Lambert

Art is my passion, so I am thrilled to be the Art Teacher at WMSS! I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and a Master of Arts in Teaching, both from Colorado College. My specialties in college were in printmaking and sculpture. My Master's research project involved integrating science and art. Therefore, I feel very much at home at our School for Science.

Having worked in Brevard Public Schools for over 25 years, I began teaching in a regular classroom in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. I have been teaching Art since 2000, and I think that my regular classroom experience has made me an even better Art Teacher. In addition, I co-chair the Brevard County Southern Division Art Fair Committee. I truly believe that I have the best job in the school! Creating art with children--what could be better?

I am married to my friend Pieter Cronje, who, originally from South Africa, recently obtained his American citizenship. We have a delightful daughter and a rascally dog, Archibald, a Cairn terrier mix. As a family, we enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and boating. In my spare time, I am actively involved with Surfers for Autism, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Autism Awareness and Acceptance, and am on the Board of Directors for SOAK (Supporting Our ASD Kids), a local group that offers support and resources for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Artistically, I love to draw and paint, but am most fond of printmaking and working with clay.

I look forward every year to working with your children as they experiment with a variety of media, discover favorite artists and art forms, and explore new ways to creatively express themselves in the WMSS Art Lab!