Technology Hub



    WMSS is committed to providing a technology-rich environment throughout the campus. We have made enhancements to the computer lab within our media center and it is our hope that students from K-6 will have many opportunities to become immersed in technology during this school year!

    Students will hone their keyboarding skills, learn BPS Best Practices for online research techniques, become proficient in both Office and Google applications such as presentation tools, chart and graph generators, and computer-assisted drawing, just to name a few.  Additionally, some students will have opportunities to learn beginning coding through various free online resources, create digital narratives/movies, and explore Ozobots and Makerspaces! 



    If you're not prepared to be wrong,

    you'll never come up with anything original!  

    Sir Ken Robinson


Tech Hub
  • Ms. Freund has been a technology coordinator/integrator with BPS since 1999. 

    She has earned certifications as a Google Innovative Educator and a Microsoft Innovative Master Trainer.

    Her favorite aspect of Educational Technology is learning alongside the students in a collaborative setting, which encourages exploration and creativity. She is honored to be the technology teacher at WMSS!